Budgetary Support to Science and Tech in India

The Union Budget, which was presented on February 28, National Science Day, unfortunately failed to bring a smile on the faces of Indian scientists. Last fiscal, there was a drastic and unprecedented 30 per cent cut in the field of science. A science secretary had a simple solution to this: ‚ÄúThis year we will ensure that the money allocated for sanctioned programmes is spent by … Continue reading Budgetary Support to Science and Tech in India

Research in India

Science and technology are panacea to any country’s growth a point which is accepted by all around the world. Sci &Tech have replaced human labour to great extent in factors of production and acts as multiplier or exponential force for skilled efforts. Hence to be recognised as an advanced country and ensuring prosperity for its citizens it is imperative for India to emerge as powerhouse … Continue reading Research in India

Changes proposed in RBI monetary policy structure

Recently in union budget govt outlined its plan to bring amendments to RBI Act to form Monetary Policy Committee which will have mandate to target inflation which now would be reigning policy imperative in the monetary discourse in India. Other changes proposed in Budget is of formation of public debt management agency to free RBI from potential conflict of interest and to better manage the … Continue reading Changes proposed in RBI monetary policy structure

Union Budget Analysis

While there had been expectation of Super Budget with growing expectation and sensation created ahead of first full year budget of Modi government. However the resultant budget while not being big bang on reforms measure has numerous features that balance the various interest communities of India. Some notable features of the budget are Reforms in the Pension sectors and widening social security net Enabling the … Continue reading Union Budget Analysis