Blockchain technology and fighting corruption in India

Back after a while. Have been published twice (yay) in Swarajya Mag; meanwhile others won’t even acknowledge me :(. This particular piece was unfortunate enough to be preceded article on same topic by a professor from Ohio University in Swarajya Mag. Please give your valuable feedback if possible for you. Thanks. Blockchain technology and fighting corruption in India In Oct 2016, ICICI Bank in partnership … Continue reading Blockchain technology and fighting corruption in India

Crony Capitalism and Public Sector Banks of India

Capitalism basic tenet says the state should follow laissez-faire policies i.e. should allow private initiatives unhindered without regulations. This in turn would allow ‘invisible’ hand of market of self-regulation which would through competition generate greater good. Since its propounding by Adam Smith in 18th century, this policy has attracted derision and criticism primarily from moral thinkers and plebian poor. First serious challenge mounted by advent … Continue reading Crony Capitalism and Public Sector Banks of India

World Trade Organization

WTO is international trade agreement which replaced GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which was established in 1948) in 1995. Currently it has 162 members and comprehensive trade treaty is being negotiated among them. This disparate group of countries are split along their economic status and developmental needs which has lead to grid-locking of WTO talks and rise of plurilateral deals like TPP. WTO … Continue reading World Trade Organization

Changes proposed in RBI monetary policy structure

Recently in union budget govt outlined its plan to bring amendments to RBI Act to form Monetary Policy Committee which will have mandate to target inflation which now would be reigning policy imperative in the monetary discourse in India. Other changes proposed in Budget is of formation of public debt management agency to free RBI from potential conflict of interest and to better manage the … Continue reading Changes proposed in RBI monetary policy structure

Union Budget Analysis

While there had been expectation of Super Budget with growing expectation and sensation created ahead of first full year budget of Modi government. However the resultant budget while not being big bang on reforms measure has numerous features that balance the various interest communities of India. Some notable features of the budget are Reforms in the Pension sectors and widening social security net Enabling the … Continue reading Union Budget Analysis

Indian Economy Statistical Base Change

Recently Indian economy had a statistical jump in GDP growth rate in 2013-14 from 4.7% to 6.9% on account of statistical base change used in calculation of macroeconomic indicators by CSO. Acchee Din are still some time away 🙂 India’s new method to calculate gross domestic product (GDP) has marginally reduced the economy’s size by Rs 10,000 crore while increasing the growth rate from 4.7% … Continue reading Indian Economy Statistical Base Change